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Heather Kent

"Heather Kent knows how to capture the essence of a story simply and with elegance..." - Susan Chunick, Director, Research Administration and Development, Fraser Health Authority
"We have been using Heather's extraordinary writing skills for several years now to better position our company in the environmental engineering field" Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng, President, Sperling Hansen Associates.

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"Heather was critical in helping our team complete three large baseline environmental studies' reports for a major mine in north-central BC. She was able to review and edit our 150 to 300 page documents in record time, helping to maintain consistency within and across the three documents. Her review for grammar, clarity and style were very helpful in reducing my workload and creating a readable document."
- Laurence Turney, RPBio, Ardea Biological Consulting Ltd
"We have been using Heather’s extraordinary writing skills for several years now to better position our company in the Environmental Engineering field. First, working on technical writing assignments for periodicals, and more recently for style and grammar reviews of our engineering reports. Allowing my engineering team to focus on technical content more than grammar has allowed us to be more efficient and has freed up my time to focus more on technical review rather than rewriting reports for style. I strongly recommend Heather for any technical writing assignment."
- Dr. Tony Sperling, P.Eng. President SPERLING HANSEN ASSOCIATES

Heather completed an OpEd article for Knight Piesold that provided the facts on low impact run of river hydroelectric projects in the Province of British Columbia. The article was well received and published by a number of newspapers around the province. Heather's personable service also represented good value and she delivered on time.
- Sam Mottram, Manager, Power Services, Knight Piesold

"In addition to her regular contributions to the Medical Post, Heather recently stepped up for us when needed for our Canadian Insurance Top Broker Magazine. She expertly covered a Vancouver event and filed numerous highly engaging stories in a timely fashion." Rick Campbell, B2B Director of Content, Rogers Healthcare, Retail and Financial Services,

"Heather has been freelancing for The Medical Post, a newspaper for Canadian doctors, since 2014. We have assigned her to cover local medical conferences on topics as varied as cardiology, dermatology, HIV/AIDS, health human resources and malpractice insurance. She has always filed her copy on time, for print and online and tracks down photos when needed." Andrew Skelly, Medical News Editor, The Medical Post.
Heather's technical article was very informative, very well written and well received within the industry. Heather provided great results, expertise and delivered on time.
- Carrieann Stocks, Editor, International Water Power and Dam Construction, U.K.

"We used Heather to write profiles
on some of the current learners and alumni in our Master of Rehabilitation Science Program at UBC. It was clear from the beginning that Heather was very experienced and it was a pleasure to just have to make the connections with the interviewees and know that she would do the rest beautifully."
- Mary Clark, Associate Director, Rehabilitation Science Online Programs, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

"Heather Kent was the editor for our 10th Anniversary Report and worked closely with many of us to ensure that the final product reflected our achievements and our "hearts." She is able to take ideas and thoughts and convert them into meaningful but succinct language. She works to deadlines and collaborates very effectively with other members of the production team. We are so pleased with the report that looks great both in paper and electronic versions."
- Louise Nasmith, Professor and Principal, College of Health Disciplines, University of British Columbia

"Your input was very valuable and has made for a much improved document."
- Nicola Lewis, Former Executive Director, Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance.

"A great piece. I printed it out and sat down with my favourite red pen but could scarcely find a thing to mark. Excellent work."
- Luke Brocki, Managing Editor, U308.Biz, Kyoto Planet
"Heather Kent was contracted by the College of Health Disciplines at UBC to write and edit the text for its first annual report. Heather grasped the College's purpose and complexities very quickly and helped us to create a fabulous report. Her ability to keep us all on track and to distill our many words into a few key ones was amazing. We couldn't have done it without Heather and we would not hesitate to contract with her for any future writing projects."
College of Health Disciplines - Lesley Bainbridge, Associate Principal, College of Health Disciplines, University of British Columbia
"For nine of the 17 years I was news editor at the Canadian Medical Association Journal, I had a productive editor-writer relationship with Heather Kent. She covered many scientific and political issues for me and invariably handled her many assignments promptly, accurately and well. I do not hesitate to recommend her work and professionalism."
- Patrick Sullivan, Senior Manager, Member Communications, Canadian Medical Association
"As a senior editor at both Gardening Life and Canadian House and Home magazines, I have found Heather Kent to be a skilled and talented freelance writer with an enthusiasm for her work and a strong commitment to each story - big and small - she's completed for me. She is especially adept at producing high-quality work within a tight timeframe."
- Danny Sinopoli, Senior Features Editor, HOUSE & HOME MEDIA
"Heather Kent knows how to capture the essence of a story simply and with elegance. Engaged to interview Fraser Health Authority researchers, she wrote 13 articles that conveyed the enthusiasm and motivation of each one. Working quickly and to deadline, Heather's writing is first class!"
- Susan Chunick, Director, Research Administration and Development, Fraser Health Authority
"Heather has the ability to capture the essence of an array of complex material from medical congresses and produce a synthesis of important ideas in a balanced and objective manner. The result is a concise, meaningful report delivered in a timely, professional manner, of educational value to physicians. Producing high quality work with a rapid turn around reveals Heather's passion for medical writing."
- Robert McKinnon, Director of Operations, Medical Education Network Canada Inc.
"Heather Kent has written several articles for Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine, achieving a difficult balance: she can make her stories resonate with details of human interest while also conveying technical information. Her writing flows well, is accurate and she delivers on time."
- Bronwen Parsons, Editor, Canadian Consulting Engineer
"Heather Kent formed the backbone of our freelance news team for many years. We came to depend on her diligence, superior news sense, ability to meet deadlines and superior writing skills. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any research or writing assignment."
- Barbara Sibbald, Associate Editor, News, Canadian Medical Association Journal

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